95% of cyber attacks start with an employee being tricked

Hook drills your team, helping them spot email and SMS attacks

The Hook Process

Add Targets

Add the people you want to test, we just need their email or phone number

Load targets individually or upload a CSV for lots of users.

Select a Hook

Choose a test email or SMS hook you want to use, based on the latest cyber attacks.

Hooks are fully customisable and you can add your own templates.

Assess the results

See who in your team spotted the attack. Those who fell for it get tips for next time.

Campaigns are fully sharable with other members of your team.

Hook Features

  • Rich data about your team's vulnerability, Hooks auto scheduled over a period of time.

  • Fully customisable templates, allowing you to target Hooks to specific individuals.

  • Optimised for group target selection and simulating whaling attacks.

  • Your target data stored securely, with options to anonymise once a campaign has finished.

  • Fully customisable clicked page to add custom education or warnings.

Plans & Pricing

Pay as you go

We have a flat rate of £3 (inc VAT) per person that you test. Each credit includes:

  An email or SMS link clicking Phish

  Customised templates

  Ability to add custom domains

  Full reporting dashboard

Managed Service

Reseller? IT provider? Contact us to inquire about running your phishing managed service with Hook. Each managed service includes:

  Attachment & credential collection phishes

  Ability to whitelabel platform to your brand

  Custom notifications

  Contact us for Managed Service Rates, or click here for more

Our Data Policy

Your data is your data.

We only hold on to the results of the campaign for a month, then your data is encrypted and backed up. Our full security policy is available here.

You can anonymise your data at any time, keeping the meta statistics but removing records about individuals.